International Center of High Studies UNAPEC

Intelligent Automation with Appian
  • PhD in Business Adminsitration

    The program is taught by a group of professors of national and international prestige with business, academic and research experience on four continents. It offers a combination of a broad integrated vision of the business world with a focus on new markets and new technologies applied to companies in which its graduates develop research skills applied to academia and economic and business sciences.

    Workshops and Seminars

    A series of seminars and workshops are also offered to discuss different aspects for the study of international processes, among other topics.

  • PhD in Communication

    The Doctorate in Communication is a novel offer from APEC University that impacts communication professionals in the country, by having the possibility of accessing a doctoral program with the level of scientific development demanded by contemporary society, enabling the participant to raise the levels of knowledge in a national institution of higher education that is projected as the paradigm of academic excellence.

    UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Water Management

    The objective of this chair is to promote an integrated system of research, teaching and training, as well as community participation and communication. Likewise, it will facilitate collaboration between internationally recognized high-level researchers and teaching staff, both from Unapec and other institutions in the country, as well as in other regions of the world.


The International Center for Higher Studies of UNAPEC, is a private academic research center belonging to the University Action Pro Education and Culture, designed to develop, host, finance or sponsor advanced research carried out by scientists in various fields, especially those of Business, Social, Technological and Legal Sciences. Although located in the Dominican Republic, it organizes, promotes and welcomes research ...

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