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Law and Society

Immigration, Security and Labor Market

Immigration in and from the Dominican Republic is an area of ​​studies widely studied academically in the world, considering itself as an interdisciplinary area of ​​studies. In this framework, certain cases have received greater visibility than others, especially from humanitarian crises in Haiti or from political and legal decisions regarding the citizenship of the children of immigrants.                        

This project seeks to contribute to existing studies on immigration in the Dominican Republic, but from a particular perspective: analyzing it in a global perspective based on the relationship with the labor market and citizen security. Specifically, this project aims to develop an index that allows understanding the local situation and based on global parameters of the role of immigration in the development of the labor market and the sense of security of the population.             

In this way it is intended to examine and measure the immigration characteristics in the Dominican Republic from economic and legal variables, thus developing statistical data that collaborate with the planning of public policies. To this end, an interdisciplinary group of Dominican and international researchers will be organized in order to create, from an interdisciplinary work, the economic and social immigration index.                                

In a first step, the work corpus will be created and examined. In a second step, the methodology of analysis and comparison will be defined. In a third step, the measurement tools for creating the index will be created and standardized.                      

During the different steps meetings will be held between the researchers, creating a framework of cooperation and dialogue through virtual spaces (internet). In this way the project seeks to contribute to the analysis and understanding of the immigration process in the Dominican Republic, collaborating with the development of public policies that respond to the social needs of the country.                     

In this way, the project seeks to contribute with a greater understanding of the role and historical impact of the Security Council in international trade in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean.