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Innovation, Entrepreneurship and University

The challenges of the Dominican context

This project aims to develop a work plan for the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship among university students in the Dominican Republic from a competitive and international profile. For which the economic, academic and socio-cultural Dominican and regional context will be analyzed, together with the development of other successful models in the world, in order to define the appropriate framework for the application of an academic work plan in the Dominican Republic.


This project aims to develop a work plan aimed at the development and insertion of the Dominican academy in innovation processes in the country. Specifically, it seeks to provide the necessary tools for the development of public policies and academic policies that encourage and develop innovation and entrepreneurship. To this end, an interdisciplinary research group with local and international presence will be organized to prepare the report.


Within this work, this research group will hold an international workshop-seminar on Dominican Start-Up, with the aim of discussing ways of fostering the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit by putting the students with projects that are being carried out and on different experiences.


This workshop-seminar aims to bring young university students with entrepreneurs and business leaders from various sectors highlighted by their innovative nature and social contribution.