International Center of High Studies UNAPEC

International Diploma in International Studies

Academic Coordinator: Dr. Mauricio Dimant (PhD) Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The International Diploma in International Studies is an interdisciplinary postgraduate program that offers its students the opportunity to participate in the latest international research related to the most important debates on the global agenda.


The program is designed to train professionals with a multidisciplinary profile, trained in analysis, management and policy design with a strong orientation to international affairs. The objective is to generate, from an interdisciplinary training, a professional prepared for the analysis and implementation of effective solutions of the problems generated by the growing global interdependence, understanding the diverse social and cultural realities.


In this sense, the future graduate will be able to analyze and interpret the political and socio-economic processes in different regions, collaborating in decision-making in public and private organizations in an informed, rigorous and responsible manner.


The postgraduate specialization degree in International Studies is taught in a virtual way within a semester, preparing graduates to enter the national and international labor market. Graduates are also excellent candidates to continue with master's and / or doctoral studies and research at the best universities in the world.


Limited places. More information is available on the program's website.